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Welcome to the KoubourlisBooks website! Until now, Dr. Koubourlis has not wished to tell the world what he has done or is planning to do, and he has avoided all social media fanatically. Now, however, it is as if he is turning a new leaf --  coming out of his silent personal life and boldly putting things in print. He has lived an active life while striving to keep a low profile. Having reached the ripe old of an octogenarian, it is as if a new kind of wisdom has been revealed to him.

It wouldn't hurt to leave a trace behind, the thinking goes. Does it matter whether the author shares his experiences? Does anyone care?

The author believes he has accumulated valuable experience, which could be helpful to others. More than once, he has been flattered when told that his life has set an example for someone, and has been urged to share what multicultural experiences have taught him. His hope has always been that some of what he has to share might prove helpful and inspire others.